Technical information
 Callsign  SR3GW
 QTH locator  JO72pr
 Height  65 m ASL
 TX frequency  438,950 MHz
 RX frequency  431,350 MHz
 Shift  7,6 MHz
 Output Power  10 W
 Antenna  Ringo Ranger ARX-450
 TX  Motorola 1200E
 RX  Kenwood TM-455
 Duplexer  Jiesai SGQ-450
 Repeater Controller  Main Microcontroller PIC 16F628,
 Software VK5DJ, Produced & hardware
 modifications SP3HTF,
 tests & adjustments SQ3MU
 Power supply  13,8V
 Access  1750Hz or CTCSS 77Hz
 transmit over 2 seconds
 Works without CTCSS  Once opened by a CTCSS or 1750Hz beep the repeater is available during 3 minutes. After this time you must send again 77Hz or 1750Hz signal
 Timeout timer  5 minutes
 Repeater beacon  every 30 minutes from last transmit
 Callsign period  - every 5 minute, when opening
 - always at the end of transmission
 - at the start of transmissions if the call timer is expired (5 minutes)
 Remote controls  DTMF tones

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